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: COM :  Tyra pixel animated by Rik-VReal : COM :  Tyra pixel animated by Rik-VReal
Commission of Tyra Oeil de Loup.

Character by :icongaeva82:


Boing boing boing

EDIT : ok I didn't though this one would be so popular.

About the boobs : yes it's bouncy, yes it's overexagerated, yes they shouldn't move like that... well it's done on purpose.

One of the other pixelart I did(this one ) was at the center of a big debate because of the bouncing boobs. As this character got big ones I wanted to exagerate the bouncing juste ... because !

Another point : as it's a commission and the commissioner is happy with it, please don't over critique it. Thanks.


Q: Isn't the boobs bouncing a bit more exagerated ?
R: Sure it is ! But .. what brought you here ? BEWBS !

Q: What program did you use ?
R: Photoshop, the one and only !

Q: Looks like I already seen that stance somewhere before...
R: That's not a question but I got my inspiration in Mai's stance, mainly from the KOF13 version.

Q: Are you going to use it for a 2d fighting game ?
R: No I'm not !

Q: Why is her sword disapearing into her boobs ?
R : Because ... Wait what ? I just checked, and no sword is disapearing into her boobs.. I guess thats a perspective issue, I might fix this someday

Q: I want one cool pixel art like this ! How much will it cost ?
R: Well it depends on a lot of things so send me a note and I'll answer you as fast as possible but expect the price to be above 100$.

Q: Can I carry your babies ?
R: Well, that's sweet of you but no thank you... you are being creepy !
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January 12, 2012
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